Progress on the Construction of Chaiyaphum High-Voltage Power Station 2 in June-July 2016

“The 500kV GIS building currently has indoor equipment, windows and composite walls installed, and the details of the works have been checked and more than 80% have been completed.

Works in the 500kV Control building
Pouring concrete floors and columns is complete. Currently, it is in the process of building structure works which over 90% have been completed.

Works in the Control building
Undergoing masonry operations of bricklaying and plastering and installation of roof trusses.

Works in the 230kV GIS building
Over 80% of the exterior architectural works has been completed.

Works in the 230kV Control building
Progressing for more than 95% of the structural part, while the remaining architectural works are being accelerated.

Foundation works 500kV/230 kV (outdoor)
BSP works are in the acceleration of trench excavation and pipe laying, 70% of which has been completed. Over 90% of oil separator installation has been completed. More than 85% of cable trench construction has been done. Wire mesh fencing is over 90% complete. Fire wall construction has been completed and various points have had electrical equipment installed. Outdoor foundation works are complete and some had electrical equipment installed. Having trench excavation and pipe laying accelerated, over 80% of drainage system works have been completed.


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