Progress on the Construction of 9 MW Kamphaengphet Biomass Power Plant Project in June-July 2016

“Overall, more than 90% of the works have been completed which also include civil and structural works of the roofs and fuel conveyor system, floor works on the 3rd floor, and door and window works on the 1st floor.
For incinerator and boiler systems, the installations of nozzles, air ducts, circulating gas pipes, gas pipes, dampers and compensators have been completed.
Fuel and ashes management systems have completely been equipped with an assisting device for fuel conveyor systems.
Steam turbines and generators are in the process of having pipeline, cooling and air compression, fire protection systems installed. Equipment for the fire protection system started to be installed together with CCTV equipment.
In relation to electrical works, low-voltage switch gears and lighting equipment, high-voltage power transmission lines have already been wired to the front of the site.
Measuring equipment as well as PLC and remote control cabinet installation control systems have successfully been in place.”


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