Progress on the Construction of Chachoengsao High-Voltage Power Station in June-July 2016

“More than 80% of the architectural works of the Control building have completed. The current works include installing glass, plastering exterior walls, installing ceilings in battery rooms and washrooms, tiling and painting indoor areas, wiring cables to the systems ready for some tests, as well as installing alarms in the control room. Over 80% of the architectural works of the GIS building have been completed.”
The remaining works are fitting glass doors and windows, tiling and fitting handrails. Over 80% of electricity and lighting systems have been installed. GIS system testing has been done. Some architectural works of the SWG building have been completed and those include installing spray foam to back structure, plastering interior walls, pouring epoxy floor paint, back-filling basement, applying fire-protection paint on the roof structure and installing foundation for equipment. There are only lighting systems, system testing, and road works within the project to be done.



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