S.Kijchai Green Power with Delegation Visited Phichit Biomass Power Plant

On October 15, 2016, KPN Green by Mr. Nitad Jaisue, Deputy Managing Director, took Mr. Vichai Saengvongkij, Director/ Managing Director of S.Kijchai Green Power Co., Ltd., together with the delegation from 4 sub-district administration organizations in Klaeng district, Rayong province, of over 150 people to visit Phichit Biomass Power Plant which has a capacity of 11 MW to study the construction of biomass power plants for further use in the construction of biomass power plants in Rayong.




Progress on the Construction of Chachoengsao High-Voltage Power Station in June-July 2016

“More than 80% of the architectural works of the Control building have completed. The current works include installing glass, plastering exterior walls, installing ceilings in battery rooms and washrooms, tiling and painting indoor areas, wiring cables to the systems ready for some tests, as well as installing alarms in the control room. Over 80% of the architectural works of the GIS building have been completed.”
The remaining works are fitting glass doors and windows, tiling and fitting handrails. Over 80% of electricity and lighting systems have been installed. GIS system testing has been done. Some architectural works of the SWG building have been completed and those include installing spray foam to back structure, plastering interior walls, pouring epoxy floor paint, back-filling basement, applying fire-protection paint on the roof structure and installing foundation for equipment. There are only lighting systems, system testing, and road works within the project to be done.





Progress on the Construction of Samut Sakhon 1 High-Voltage Power Station in June-July 2016

“The construction of the GIS Control building is in midst of painting exterior structures and installing composite panels. The pump house building construction is in the process of welding the steel roof structure and laying walls. The SWG building had handrails and composite ceilings installed. Some ongoing outdoor works include cable trench installations, road works and drainage systems.”




Progress on the Construction of 9 MW Kamphaengphet Biomass Power Plant Project in June-July 2016

“Overall, more than 90% of the works have been completed which also include civil and structural works of the roofs and fuel conveyor system, floor works on the 3rd floor, and door and window works on the 1st floor.
For incinerator and boiler systems, the installations of nozzles, air ducts, circulating gas pipes, gas pipes, dampers and compensators have been completed.
Fuel and ashes management systems have completely been equipped with an assisting device for fuel conveyor systems.
Steam turbines and generators are in the process of having pipeline, cooling and air compression, fire protection systems installed. Equipment for the fire protection system started to be installed together with CCTV equipment.
In relation to electrical works, low-voltage switch gears and lighting equipment, high-voltage power transmission lines have already been wired to the front of the site.
Measuring equipment as well as PLC and remote control cabinet installation control systems have successfully been in place.”




Thailand Industry Expo 2016 under the concept of “Thailand Industry 4.0: Next Challenge towards Sustainable Future”

“On June 30, 2016, KPN Green joined with Super Energy Group Co., Ltd. to exhibit at Thailand Industry Expo 2016 which was organized by the Ministry of Industry under the concept of “Thailand Industry 4.0 : Next Challenge towards Sustainable Future”. In this event, KPN Green has introduced the technology of electricity generation from municipal waste. For those interested in the technology, please find KPN Green at the Thailand Industry Expo 2016, Booth No. AB23, Challenger 1, Impact Muang Thong Thani.”





Progress on the Construction of Chaiyaphum High-Voltage Power Station 2 in June-July 2016

“The 500kV GIS building currently has indoor equipment, windows and composite walls installed, and the details of the works have been checked and more than 80% have been completed.

Works in the 500kV Control building
Pouring concrete floors and columns is complete. Currently, it is in the process of building structure works which over 90% have been completed.

Works in the Control building
Undergoing masonry operations of bricklaying and plastering and installation of roof trusses.

Works in the 230kV GIS building
Over 80% of the exterior architectural works has been completed.

Works in the 230kV Control building
Progressing for more than 95% of the structural part, while the remaining architectural works are being accelerated.

Foundation works 500kV/230 kV (outdoor)
BSP works are in the acceleration of trench excavation and pipe laying, 70% of which has been completed. Over 90% of oil separator installation has been completed. More than 85% of cable trench construction has been done. Wire mesh fencing is over 90% complete. Fire wall construction has been completed and various points have had electrical equipment installed. Outdoor foundation works are complete and some had electrical equipment installed. Having trench excavation and pipe laying accelerated, over 80% of drainage system works have been completed.




Contract Signing Ceremony of 9.9 MW Uni Power Tech Biomass Power Plant

On June 7, 2016, KPN Green Energy Solution Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Uni Power Tech Co., Ltd. to build a Uni Power Tech biomass power plant. Mr. Tanawat Kraipisitkul, Executive Director of Uni Power Tech Co., Ltd., signed the contract with Dr. Kritsda Ukarapattayakul, Chairman of Executive Committee, and Mr. Nitad Jaisue, Deputy Managing Director of KPN Green Energy Solution Co., Ltd., at Meta Room 1, Rajpruek Club, Lak Si district, Bangkok.
“Uni Power Tech Biomass Power Plant Project is a construction project of a 9.9 MW biomass power plant located in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The project uses chopped wood, barks and agricultural residues as fuel for production.”
The plant uses steam turbine technologies from Germany and Japan which are highly productive with no impact to the environment. When the construction is complete, it will be able to distribute 8 MW of electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for a period of 20 years. The construction has been scheduled to begin on July 15, 2016 and complete on January 15, 2018.



Signing a Construction Contract for a Municipal Waste Power Generation Project in Nong Khai with Nongkhainayu Co., Ltd.

On February 29, 2016, Dr. Kritsda Ukarapattayakul, Chairman of Executive Committee, and Mr. Pipat Thanthanase, Managing Director of KPN Green Energy Solution Co., Ltd., together with Mr. Takashi Ibe, representative of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Japan, co-signed a construction and machinery installation contract for a Municipal Waste Power Generation Project in Nongkhai province with Mr. Theerawat Tomaholantaweesri, Chairman of Nong Khai Co., Ltd., who manages the construction project of the municipal waste power plant, at Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel, Bangkok.
“The project is a managing prototype that turns municipal waste into a fuel for generation of 4.9 MW electricity using Hitachi Zosen Corporation’s technology from Japan focusing on the management that is environmentally-friendly and internationally standardized. KPN Green is responsible for sourcing machinery and all construction.
The Municipal Waste Power Generation Project is located in Phon Sawang sub-district, Muang Nongkhai district, Nongkhai province.

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KPN Green Supports an Academic Seminar on Municipal Waste Power Generation System

During February 23-25, 2016, KPN Green co-sponsored an academic seminar called
“A Municipal Waste Power Generation System, Specifications, Design, Installation, Control and Maintenance, Organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Thailand (IEEE Thailand Section).”
There are engineers who design and install a municipal waste electricity generation system, entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in investing in the municipal waste electricity generation businesses, including a great number of personnel from government agencies and private sectors, attending the seminar at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

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Kamphaeng Phet Biopower Plant Co-Signs Agreement Amendment of Electricity Purchase Agreement

On October 11, 2015, the 9.9 MW Kamphaeng Phet Biopower Plant Project, one of KPN Green’s projects,
“had an amendment of the power purchase agreement signed transitioning from adder rates to FiT for the projects that have not yet supplied electricity but have signed power purchase agreements”
with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in the meeting room 11 on the 19th floor of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Chamchuri Square Tower.