solar Rooftop

KPN Green is a leading renewable energy company of solar cell in Thailand,
made up of multidisciplinary team of engineer specialist;
compose for technical with extensive experience in the renewable and efficiency energy.

Scope of Service

Project Development :
Licensing Process, Feasibility & bank, Conceptual design, Project cost estimation & management
Detailed engineering design
Construction Plant
Project management, Construction supervision, Construction, Erection & Quality, Equipment Installation, Field construction service, Inspection & Test and commissioning assistance
Plant Commissioning :
Performance Evaluation Test, Operator and Maintenance Training       
Engineering Service :
Maintenance, Operation, Advisory & consulting

KPN Green has been registered for Installer of Power Generation System Solar power on the roof 5th By Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy

Conditions of Solar Rooftop Installation area.

  1. Uses 7,000 square meter for Installation 1MW Solar Rooftop.
  2. The rooftop of the panel must be horizontal to the sky to the south because it is the place where sunlight works best.
  3. Rooftop which is mounted solar panel must be strong enough to support the weight of the solar panel that is increased by 25 kg per square meter.

Solar PV Rooftop electrical equipment (Solar Rooftop)